Having a chat with Maria…Intervista con Maria Fazzari Larosa @mariascucina

Oggi vi racconto una nuova storia che ha come protagonista una blogger d’oltreoceano ma di sangue calabrese; quel sangue che in qualsiasi parte del globo ti trovi, ti tiene ben attaccato alla tua terra, nonostante lo scorrere del tempo e delle generazioni.

Maria ha una pagina su Instragram, @mariascucina, che io seguo fin dagli inizi dalla mia avventura su questo social ma è durante questo periodo di stop forzato che ho deciso di approfondire la nostra “conoscenza virtuale” che ovviamente si è trasformata in una storia, quella di Maria, originaria di Mammola, in provincia di Reggio Calabria, che dal Canada ci regala le sue splendide ricette che hanno il sapore di cartoline che seppur scritte da oltreoceano parlano di Calabria, d’ Italia…

Sperando d’incontrare presto Maria, magari davanti ad un buon piatto di pesce stocco di Mammola accompagnato da un greco bianco di Calabria, vi lascio alla nostra “chat” che per non snaturare ho deciso di lasciare in inglese…

Maria Fazzari Larosa

Who is “Marias Cucina” ?

My name is Maria Fazzari Larosa , Im a Mother of two, a daughter, and a son, my husbands parents were also born in Mammola, Reggio Calabria, and I have a younger sister. I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC Canadabrought up in a Italian household, my Mother was a stay at home Mom, and a very talented cook. I love to eat, and wanted to learn how to make all of my Mothers dishes. I love the old school of eating and cooking, not too much fuss, and always a simple, delicious home cooked meal. Eating a meal with family and friends is one of the greatest ways to connect. The food doesn’t have to be fancy, and the table doesn’t  have to look perfect. Eating homemade food with those you love is one of life’s greatest joys.  Family meals were a coveted time growing up, with the very best home cooked meals prepared by my mother.  Cooking helps create valuable time with family and friends, having fun and more importantly making memories that you will cherisher the rest of your life. Express yourself, and your creativity, and most importantly keep cooking.

How much Calabria influences your dishes?

Most of my cooking is Calabrian influenced, again 90% is Italian dishes that my mother has prepared, and I’ve have repeated.

What is Typical Cuisine from Mammola?

One of the dishes that I have fond memories of is “Melanzane Ripiene” my mother makes them the absolute best. When my father was alive he used to make homemade Salumi, Cured Salsiccia, Capicollo Piccante, and Soppresata, now my husband has continued the tradition and makes all of the Salumi.

How often do you go back to Italy? 

Unfortunately not often enough, I have visited Italy for the first time in 1977, I was 13 years, and went to visit the hometown of Mammola, Reggio Calabria, where my parents were born, and returned in 1985, 2012, 2018, I went to Rome, Florence, Genoa, and Positano. Italy is beautiful.

Where do you find inspiration for new dishes?

Definitely on social media, Instagram, and Facebook, if i see something that looks good, I will give it a try, you can google any recipe today, thats the beauty of technology. I also own many cookbooks.

Who inspired you to open your page on Instagram?

My sisters son, my nephew Luca, who is 19 now, inspired and suggested I create “Marias Cucina” in Sept. 2014 he was visiting with me, and we were scrolling on our Instagram Accounts, I had some food photos posted on my personal Instagram Account, and he suggested I separate my personal account , and start a separate Food Account. He is my special nephew.

A Canadian Dish that you love and would suggest?

Roast Beef and Potatoes in the Oven


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